Research Project/Programme Development

RML Ltd offers a range of bespoke project development and research support services. Services include:

Research programme assessments

  • Assessments of your organisation's or group's research portfolio. This will help identify potential areas to expand, diversify or develop new collaborations.
  • Identifying opportunities to participate in research programmes, access research funding and develop your research strategy.

Project/programme design & development

  • Design of new research programmes for your organisation/group. The output will include a short, medium or long term plans depending on what is most appropriate to your research ideas and resources.
  • Develop new projects (from a small scale seed projects, to collaborative research projects, to large scale demonstrators).

Proposal development

  • Proposal preparation for single or multi-partner projects. We specialise in submissions to international programmes (e.g. European Commission funding programmes)
  • Budget preparation, administration and document preparation, collating your consortium's contributions and preparing the final proposal for submission.
  • Advising and delivery ofmanagement, implementation, dissemination and impact sections.