With 20 years’ experience in the EU research sector (including FP5, FP6, FP7 and Horizon2020), our team has an in-depth knowledge of EU funding programmes. We know the research systems and how researchers across academia, government and industry can best access resources.

We have developed programmes and projects ranging in scale from small desk-based research projects, to large scale national programmes, to complex field-based research activities. Clients have included academic researchers, industry partners and government agencies.

 We know the benefits that organisations can realise by engaging in research and development activities and we work to ensure that your engagement in the research environment is simple, efficient and creates value for your organisation or research group.

We have a team of scientists, administrative and technical staff specialising in:

  • Earth sciences
  • Remote sensing
  • Geo-Engineering
  • Environmental sciences
  • Space science
  • Climate studies
  • Marine science
  • Social Sciences and technology for natural sciences

Our team also includes project and research managers, a graphic designer and communications support.

For further information about any of our services please contact us at info@research-rml.com

Aoife K. Braiden, PhD, DBS

Managing Director